Packages for the
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
on Debian and Ubuntu

Debian and Ubuntu are Linux distributions. The regular computer user might not necessarily notice the difference to the OS he/she is already familiar with. However, one of many differences is that all software those distros ship is inspectable and modifiable by the end user - time and skills permitted. This packaging effort helps those who are interested to educate themselves to understand this software and develop it further. If there are security concerns then the issues should be found earlier with more eyeballs attracted to the project - to which this effort should also contribute.

BOINC is special in that it allows regular users to become an active part in some highly specialised disciplines. Those who can set up such projects, i.e. those running the servers, are most likely to have all the skills to also modify the BOINC infrastructure to some degree. But they should not have the need to do so - at least not too much. Instead, they should focus on the science of their respective project. Hence, now (12/2010) that Debian and Ubuntu ship the BOINC client of this effort with their regular distribution for a couple of years, we have started working on the server side, too.

To join our effort to improve the BOINC packages, please join our pkg-boinc project on Alioth. For latest developments, plans and introductions to the code please follow this link to our Wiki pages.

Sat, 25 Dec 2010 15:33:46 +0000